Benefactor has been published!

Quite a few people over the last couple years have asked how they could donate to me, and I’ve always indicated that I didn’t want to take money unless I could give something in return besides a few pixels on a web page.

Well, I can now offer pixels on your Kindle!  (Or on your free-to-download Kindle Reader on your desktop.)

A couple months ago, I wrote a short story that I enjoyed.  I’ve poked and prodded at it, and decided that I wanted to publish it.  Firstly, because it’s good (I think) and secondly because I wanted to figure out how to do the Amazon E-book publishing process with a short story before I tried it with a novel.

If you have enjoyed my writing, and would like to ‘donate’ by buying something, you can find Benefactor for sale here.

The story is roughly 7500 words, and priced at US $0.99.  If you enjoy it, I would greatly appreciate a review!

9 thoughts on “Benefactor has been published!

  1. Thanks!

    I broke into the top ten in one demographic! (a very small one, apparently.)

    #8 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > One hour (33-43 pages) > Teen & Young Adult

    I really appreciate everyone’s support!


    • For at least some phones and tablets, yes. If you go to Benefactor’s page on Amazon, you will see the following text right above the blurb describing the story. “Read with Our Free App” That will link you to a way to receive a Kindle reader that works on at least some mobile devices.

      If that doesn’t work, there are also Kindle readers you can get for laptop and desktop computers.

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